5 clever ways to tie a sarong

five different ways to wear a sarong

Save precious suitcase space and get five unique holiday outfits for the beach from one sarong with these clever hacks.

These looks are based on a regular sarong or pashmina that measures around 1.8m x 1m.

1. The cocktail dress

  • Hold the sarong vertically in front of you
  • Tie point A to point B and pop your right arm through the hole
  • Wrap that long piece under your left arm and around the front of your body
  • Roll the top edge over and over to make your ‘belt’
  • Tie neatly on the right hip and you’re done
Way to tie a cocktail dress using a sarong

2. The halter dress

  • Holding the sarong vertically, tie points A and B behind your neck
  • About the mid-thigh, take hold of a point on each side at the front
  • Lift to under the bust, wrap behind and neatly knot at two points on the back, right-hand side
Halter dress

3. The harem pants

  • Tie points A and B on the sarong’s shorter side behind the waist (or around the bust for a strapless playsuit)
  • Holding points, C and D pass the sarong loosely between the legs and tie at the front of the waist
Harem pants from sarong

4. The boat-neck dress

  • Knot point A to B and C to D to create arm holes
  • Put your arms through, apron-style so the sarong is on your front
  • Wrap the dress behind you, tuck in the left edge and knot the free, right edge to the back left
  • Add a belt and you’re done
boat neck dress made from a sarong

5. The midi skirt

  • Take the shortest sarong end round your waist and tie at the hip
  • Grab the bottom edge and bring it up to your waist, the same side as the knot
  • Wrap around the waist and tie neatly at the other hip
Midi skirt made from sarong

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