How to make large snowflake decorations

Paper snowflake decorations in a Christmas setting | Paper snowflake decoration | Tesco Living

You won’t believe how easy these paper Christmas decorations are to make yourself…

You will need

  • 6 sheets A4 white or coloured paper
  • scissors
  • sticky tape
  • stapler
  • string
Craft materials on a table | Paper snowflake | Tesco Living

Step 1

Fold each piece of paper from the top left corner to the edge of the other side, in a triangle shape. Now fold the right corner down so your paper resembles a house. Cut off the excess, so you are left with just the triangle. Repeat with the remaining sheets to make six triangles.

White paper folded into triangles | Paper snowflake | Tesco Living

Step 2

Cut three horizontal lines right to left into a triangle, leaving a 2cm gap on the lefthand side. You can lightly draw the lines on using a pencil and ruler, to make sure they are straight. Repeat with the other triangles. Open out each sheet of paper and lay it flat, with a point at the top like a diamond.

Paper squares with slits | Paper snowflake | Tesco Living

Step 3

Roll up the smallest tabs (the ones in the middle) and, overlapping the ends slightly, tape them together. Turn the paper over and repeat this action with the next set of tabs on the other side. Repeat, turning over each time, until all the ends are taped together. Repeat on the remaining sheets of paper.

Paper cut and rolled into shape | Paper snowflake | Tesco Living

Step 4

Staple one arm of the snowflake to another in the middle and at the bottom until all six pieces are attached to create a full snowflake.

Paper rolled into a star shape | Paper snowflake | Tesco Living

Step 5

Punch or cut a hole into one of the points and thread through some string to hang up your new decoration.

Paper rolled into star shape and glued | Paper snowflake | Tesco Living

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