New ways to decorate your pumpkin this Halloween

Decorated pumpkins on a wooden table | Halloween pumpkin hacks | Tesco Living

This year, there’s so many ways to make the most of your pumpkins – and there’s not a knife in sight, making it safer and more fun for kids to join in.

Fairy light pumpkin

Watch this video to see how to decorate a pumpkin with just a screwdriver and a set of battery-operated fairy lights. Paint the pumpkins black for an even bigger statement.

Galaxy pumpkins

For some seriously impressive (but very easy) Halloween decorations, try a space-themed pumpkin.

Sponge black, dark blue and purple paint onto your pumpkin, then using a paintbrush, flick white, pink and light blue paint onto it to create the starry effect. Cosmic!

A pumpkin that's painted to look like a galaxy in space using black, blue, purple, pink and white paint.

Glitterball pumpkins

Who says Halloween can’t be pretty? Cover mini pumpkins in shimmering glitter to add a touch of sparkle to your decorations.

Place your pumpkin on a sheet of newspaper, cover in craft glue and use a spoon to sprinkle glitter over the pumpkin until the surface is covered. Leave to dry, then display for a party-ready Halloween.

Geometric pumpkins

Great for grown-up parties or to fit into a minimalist home, these pumpkins are really easy to create. We love black and white, or white and gold, painted with simple stripes and zigzags.

If you love crafting with washi tape, you can use this to create the geometric lines, just use a permanent marker or acrylic paints to paint the pumpkin. Alternatively you can use masking tape to create the geometric pattern.

An orange Halloween pumpkin with black horizontal chevron stripes.

Jack O’ Lantern pumpkins

Throwing a last-minute Halloween party for the kids? Either draw straight onto the pumpkins with permanent markers or, if you have a little more time, spray paint the pumpkins black and then use silver pens to draw faces on once dry.

Halloween slogans painted on black pumpkins | Halloween decorations in 10 minutes | Tesco Living

Cookie cutter pumpkins

Hold a cookie cutter of your choice over your hollowed-out pumpkin and gently hammer through the skin to create holes.

Add battery-operated fairy lights or some tea lights and you’ve got a quick and easy version to display in your home.

An orange pumpkin with stars cut out of it with fairy lights inside.

Mummy pumpkins

Raid the first aid kit and wrap some old bandages around your pumpkin, using glue to secure in place. Using white and black card, cut two circles in each colour and glue the smaller black circles onto the larger white ones. Glue to the front of the pumpkin to make eyes.

Pin cushion pumpkins

Glam up your Halloween with some simple drawing pins. Just stick gold and silver pins into plain or painted pumpkins to create any pattern or picture of your choice. We love pastel colours with gold swirls to shake up a classic Halloween look.

White pumpkin with gold drawing pins pinned in a swirly pattern

Tangerine pumpkins

No time to buy a pumpkin? A bowl of easy-peelers will look just as spooky as a patch of pumpkins once you use a black pen to draw scary faces on them.

Bowl of tangerines with Halloween pumpkin faces | Quick Halloween decoration ideas | Tesco Living

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