Quick and easy penguin craft ideas for kids

Card penguin with white wool lacing | Craft ideas for kids | Tesco Living

Keep the children out of your hair over Christmas with these p-p-p perfect penguin activities.

Children's crafts blogger Kate from Crafts on Sea came up with a few fun penguin crafts using supplies from around the home. Check them out:

Simple styrofoam cup penguins

1. Draw the outline of a penguin’s body onto an upside-down cup.
2. Colour in the outer cup using black paint.
3. Draw two black eyes and an orange beak.

Penguins painted onto paper cups | Penguin craft ideas for kids | Tesco Living

Easy DIY egg box penguins

1. Cut the raised part out of an egg box – this will become the penguin body.
2. Colour the whole thing using black paint and leave to dry.
3. Cut out an oblong shape from white paper.
4. Draw eyes and an orange beak at the top.
5. Glue the paper onto the egg box.

Penguins made with egg boxes, paint, paper | Penguin craft ideas for kids | Tesco Living

Try a penguin lacing activity

1. Colour the blank side of a cereal box with black paint.
2. When dry, cut out the shape of a penguin.
3. Create a circle of holes for lacing by placing play dough under the shape, then pushing a pen through the cardboard.
4. Using card or leftover wrapping paper, cut out eye and beak shapes to add to the penguin’s face.
5. Finish by threading white wool between the holes (you can attach the wool to a paper clip to help) then secure with a knot.

Card penguin with white wool lacing | Craft ideas for kids | Tesco Living

Write penguin thank you cards

Task children with writing thank you cards to everyone who gave them Christmas gifts. These ready-made downloadable cards can be printed and cut out.

See our penguin thank you cards, plus other designs

Illustrated penguin, snowman and cat | Festive thank you cards for kids | Tesco Living

Make 3D printed penguin characters

This easy pop-up penguin slots together to create a festive standing Christmas decoration – no glue required.

Download our free pop-up penguin character template

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