Amazing ways to recycle toys

After receiving a raft of new toys for Christmas, you’ll be glad to discover our clever ways to reuse old ones and make a bit more space in your kids’ bedrooms.

Upscale plain bookends

Simply glue an old plastic toy to a bookend and, once dry, give it a couple of coats of bright acrylic paint.

Wow with treasure rocks

If you have lots of little plastic toys to find a new use for, try making our treasure rocks to impress little ones. They're a great way to put those little plastic pterodactyls or gems to good use.

Treasure rock breaking open and toy dinosaur walks off | Kids crafts | Tesco Living

Make dinosaur door hooks

Saw dinosaur toys in half (or just cut their tails off), paint them in different colours and glue to a length of wood with strong wood glue. Once the glue is dry, secure each dinosaur with a screw.

Fix to the wall or on the back of your little one’s door to hang their coats and dressing gown on.

Coat hooks with dinosaurs | Amazing ways to recycle toys | Tesco Living

Add an animal to a terrarium

Give your plants a lift by building a terrarium using an old vase. Add old plastic animals to turn an average indoor plant display into something the kids and their friends will love.

Create a fun frame for the kids’ bedroom

There’s no doubt your kids will love this statement mirror, and it’s so simple to make. Make sure you place your cars around the edge of the mirror before you glue them on to see how many you will need.

Begin by using super strong glue to fix four cars at the north, south, east and west points, before filling in the gaps.

Make a lamp more kid friendly

Apply the same craftiness to an old lamp, improving a plain design with toys. Glue plastic dinosaurs, cars and soldiers to the base of the lamp and paint it (including the stem) in one bold colour once the glue has dried.

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