Scandi-style tips for a cosy home

Cushions, a book and a mug of tea resting on a cream sofa | Hygge and Scandi-style decorating tips for a cosy home | Tesco Living

Borrow some Scandi-style décor tips with these affordable ways to hygge your home.

Hygge (pronounced ‘hue-gah’) is the Scandi way of creating that warm, cosy feeling in the home. Find out how you can achieve affordable Scandinavian style with these simple ideas to update your home for the colder months.

Paint the walls white

There’s a reason why so many Scandinavian homes are painted all white – it’s modern, never dates, accentuates natural daylight, makes your space seem larger and draws attention to other aspects of decoration.

If you have a feature wall paint the side walls white or for a quicker option choose throws, cushions and other home accessories in neutral shades to take on the trend.

A bedroom painted white with a chair and dressing table | Increase the value of your home

Confine your clutter

Make the most of smart kitchen storage and have regular de-cluttering sessions to keep your home looking tidy. Avoid toys being sprawled around the house with some clever storage for kids bedrooms.

By choosing a designated space for the clutter you’ll keep it out of your favourite rooms, feel more relaxed and enjoy spending time in your home.

Display photos and pictures

Hygge is all about what makes you happy, and memories are a big part of that. Display favourite photos on the wall or make a photo table runner so you’ll always be reminded of happy times. Hang some artwork that shows off your personality, even if it means making some yourself.

Light cosy candles

Filling your home with candles will create a calm and cosy atmosphere, especially when you have family and friends over. Try making this DIY colour-block candle using leftover crayons.

Use wood for warmth

Wood is a warmer, more inviting texture than other surfaces. If you’ve got wooden floorboards lying under the carpet, consider giving them some TLC and making them the centrepiece of your room. Use a large, soft rug to add an extra level of comfort.

Bright, neutral living room setting | Scandinavian décor style tips | Tesco Living

Ban phones at the table

Meals are the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, but that social atmosphere dies as soon as a smartphone appears on the table. Ban phones at mealtimes and everyone will remember that a real life chat means more than a tweet or Snapchat message.

Keep some food just for guests

Being able to offer your visitors something delicious makes you feel like a great host and helps them to feel special. Keep a few yummy snacks on hand, or whip some up yourself, like these cherry coconut biscuits, to make your home much more welcoming.

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