Amazing things your dishwasher can do

Orange kitchen with dishwasher | Amazing things your dishwasher can do | Tesco Living

From cooking to shoe cleaning, your dishwasher does way more than just wash dishes.

Clean brushes

Remember the last time you cleaned your hairbrush, comb or make-up brushes? Nope, nor us. Don’t worry; you can rectify this using your dishwasher. Just stick them in as you would your dishes, switch it on and hey presto; clean-as-a-whistle with absolutely no effort.

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Warm your plates

Most dishwashers have a ‘plate warmer’ setting (who knew?), just check your manual for the lowdown. No more plate Jenga in the oven!

Kids' toys

Plastic figures, rattles and bath toys can get grimy and sticky after a while. Pop them in along with your dishes to kill germs and make them squeaky-clean.

Toys in a dishwasher | Amazing things your dishwasher can do | Tesco Living

Shoe shine

Get ready for summer – come rain or shine – by sprucing up your shoes in the dishwasher. Rubber and plastic beach shoes, wellies with their fabric insoles removed and flip-flops can all go through a quick warm cycle for a freshen up.

Household chores

Here are a few household bits that come up a treat after a once-through in the dishwasher:

  • Dusty vent covers and greasy grills
  • Dishcloths and scrubbing brushes
  • Grimy shower heads
  • Grubby bin lids
  • Old garden tools

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