6 clever ways to reuse old wellies

Wellies with flowers inside | Clever ways to reuse old wellies | Tesco Living

Upcycle your Wellington boots with our quirky ideas for home and garden.

1. Garden clogs

With just a few snips, make your old wellies into waterproof garden clogs. Trim diagonally upwards from the heel base to create the clog opening. Finally, no more soggy slippers when putting the bins out.

2. Planters

Make a few holes in the soles using a drill, line the base with some stones to weigh it down and top up with compost, finishing with seed or flowers. A simple way to spruce up your garden nicely.

3. Shed tidy

Use your Wellingtons for storage; they’re ideal for keeping track of seeds, twine, tools and other loose bits and bobs that night otherwise get lost.

4. Umbrella stand

Even past their prime, your old boots are still handy for wet weather. Give them a good scrub, let them dry out, fill with some damp sand and place in the porch to stick soggy umbrellas in. The sand will hold the boots upright and absorb the rainwater.

5. Makeshift watering can

Staple or superglue three quarters of a welly boot opening together to leave a hole big enough to fill easily with water but small enough to create a steady stream for watering. This is a cheap and easy way to get kids involved in the gardening. Avoid filling with too much water as it may be too heavy for young children.

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