7 decorating and storage hacks for kids bedrooms

A child

Keep the kids rooms tidy and organised with these quick solutions.

1. Use magnetic surfaces

Those magnetic racks normally used for kitchen knives are a great for place to stick small metal objects such as toy cars and trains that get misplaced easily. A magnetic board is another good way to display pictures and artwork without making marks on the wall.

2. Make a teddy hammock

Make use of some old netting or a bed sheet and create a hammock in one corner of the room where all the teddy bears and soft toys can live, instead of being piled up on the bed.

3. Build a brick table

Buy a cheap desk with drawers and stick a large toy brick-building base on top so there’s always a surface to build on. Make some DIY dividers for the drawers to store all the bricks.

5. Store boxes vertically

Clearly labelled plastic boxes can be stacked, keeping toys and other possessions organised without using too much floor space. Providing ample storage will make it easier for the kids to help out with the chores and tidy up.

6. Put everything in a shoe rack

A simple over-the-door shoe storage rack will keep action figures, dolls, electronics and all kinds of other toys from littering the floor or getting lost under the bed.

7. Keep it neutral

Keep walls, floors and furniture in a neutral colour and avoid choosing obvious themes which kids soon get bored of. Switch things up with some washi tape decorations, duvet sets, floor mats and other accessories as your child develops new interests.

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