Speed up your school morning routine

Toddler with hair rollers and alarm clock

No-nonsense tips to get the family fed, dressed and out the door in a flash.

Prep the night before

Make it routine to get all school books, bags, and PE kits ready by the door before bed time. Have school uniforms and shoes hanging up and ready to put on for a speedy exit the following morning.

Set a timer

Turn mornings into a timed game and set a timer for certain tasks, such as brushing teeth and washing-up after breakfast.

Or, create a morning playlist of your favourite family tunes – once the playlist is over, everyone should be at the door.

Keep all essentials in one place

Avoid last-minute panics and store all essentials, such as keys, travel passes and lunch money, in a tin in the hallway.

When everyone gets in from work or school, simply ditch the essentials in the tin ready for the next day.

Use the porch

Struggle to get the kids out of the door? If you have a porch, store all shoes, coats and bags there so you can shut everyone out. Try this speedy hack to tie-up shoelaces, too.

Child tying a shoelace | How to tie a shoelace in 2 seconds | Tesco Living

Prepare breakfast the night before

If you can, prep brekkie the night before so it’s ready to go in the morning. Try making this bircher muesli with pears and maple syrup.

Make a packed lunch pick 'n’ mix

Each weekend, make packed lunches to last the week so you can grab and go. Use an over-the-door shoe storage hanger on the back of a cupboard to store dry snacks for quick and easy access.

Keep a car emergency kit

When youre running late, it’s good to have an emergency bag in the glove compartment with cereal bars, chewing gum (for those who have forgotten to brush their teeth), loose change for dinner money, and a pen and paper for last-minute notes.

If the morning frost delays your journey, try these winter car hacks.

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