9 living room hacks for a stylish and tidy home

Try these easy DIY ideas to update your lounge in an instant.

1. Create a gallery wall

A wall filled with pictures in different sizes is a great focal point for your living room. Cut out the size of each frame in paper and tack them to the wall first. When the arrangement looks good, make a hole where each frame will hang, then put them up.

If you’re renting, or don’t want to drill a hole in the wall, use Command Strips. They’re like Velcro, are super strong and won’t leave a mark on the wall.

2. Lace Wallpaper

Create your own lace wallpaper panel at home quickly and easily with just a few materials you probably already own. Using washi tape, secure a piece of lace to the wall as a stencil and paint the entire surface, before leaving it to dry overnight. Once the paint is completely dry, carefully peel the lace off to reveal your very own stencilled design.

3. Paint pops of colour

Use inexpensive tester paint pots to paint the sides of doors, drawers and steps. Pick vibrant colours to perk up the room without committing to a major colour change. Using tester pots means you won’t need to store leftover paint.

4. Make a DIY match jar

  • Trace around the inner disc of a Mason Jar lid onto the smooth side of a sheet of sand paper
  • Cut out the circle and glue into the top of the disc, creating a surface to strike your match
  • Fill the jar with matches and light a candle to celebrate your clever creation

Tin can lantern with pot of matches | Living room hacks | Tesco Living

5. Make a DIY marbled vase

Upscale plain ceramic vases into colourful statement pieces ideal for spring.

  • Fill a deep tray with warm water and pour some nail polish into it
  • Blow on it to let the colour spread out
  • Dip the outside of your vase in and lift out, then leave to dry upside down
  • Once dry, fill with pretty stems or faux flowers

See how to make your own marbled crockery using nail polish

6. Create a photo display

Give your memories more of an impact by standing them all on one surface, using a variety of frames in different sizes and designs to make each photo look unique.

7. Make the TV a focal point

Wall-mounted televisions can be surrounded by artwork, while standing ones can be incorporated into a storage unit containing books, plants, photos and curious knick-knacks that will inspire conversation instead of a box set binge.

8. Repurpose the fireplace

Make the most of your fireplace’s design by giving it a modern twist. Use shelving or a chest of drawers to make better use of the space for storage. Alternatively, place a large basket in the centre and store rolled cosy blankets and throws.

Try our Christmas hula hoop statement light display to perk up the fireplace and turn it into a light feature.

9. Make the ceiling appear higher

Go for a two-tone horizontal colour scheme. Paint the bottom two thirds of your walls in a warm colour and opt for a lighter tone on the top third and the ceiling, making the room seem taller than it actually is.

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Ideas by interiors expert Alice Humphry.

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