7 multi-purpose essentials for your holiday

a range of beach items

Travel smart with these items you already own for a stress-free holiday.

1. Zip lock bags

Keep liquid items in zip lock bags to prevent spillages in your suitcase (you can usually pick them up at airports for free). You can use same bags to waterproof and sand-proof your phone and other gadgets when you’re sunbathing by the pool or at the beach.

2. Sarong

Get 5 different outfits out of one sarong or pashmina. It will also double as a blanket during those air-conditioned flights and train journeys.

3. Tea bags

Dab soaked tea bags onto skin for a DIY sunburn remedy. If your whole body needs soothing, take a bath in tea-infused cool water. And you can leave dry tea bags in your shoes overnight for an odour-busting refresh.

4. Duct tape

Patch up leaky shoes, fix broken bags, keep your zips stuck together to deter pickpockets and even craft a DIY pouch for storing cash at the beach by using strips of duct tape folded together.

5. Newspaper

Pick up a free newspaper at the airport or station. They are perfect for stuffing and drying out your shoes if you get caught in the rain. Also handy for wrapping up fragile souvenirs and gifts on your journey home.

6. Aspirin

Get rid of the green tinge in blonde hair after swimming, as well as headaches. Dissolve eight aspirin pills in warm water, apply to your hair and let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing off and washing with shampoo.

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7. Tote bag

Fabric tote bags are handy for dividing up belongings in a suitcase. When you arrive and unpack, use it to store your dirty clothes.

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