7 best multi-purpose travel toiletries

Illustration of a range of toiletries

Save money and suitcase space with these genius multi-purpose toiletries for your holiday.

1. Toothpaste

Use it to clean your teeth and style your hair. Rub a pea-sized drop of the gel variety between your palms and smooth into your locks before styling. Stuffy hotel room or car? Squeeze a blob onto a paper towel, then leave it out to absorb bad smells.

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2. Talcum powder

Avoid irritated and sticky sandy skin with talc – just sprinkle onto skin and brush away the sand. And leave the dry shampoo at home – talc works wonders on refreshing hair.

3. Vaseline

Use a small amount of Vaseline as hair serum to tame flyaways. It’s also a gentle but effective waterproof eye make-up remover – just rub Vaseline into your lashes, leave for a few seconds and wipe away with a cotton pad – no more panda eyes.

illustration of how to use vaseline

4. Deodorant

Spray deodorant makes brilliant nail varnish remover. Simply spray onto your painted fingernail and quickly wipe away with a cotton pad. Prevent blisters by rolling or spraying deodorant on the back and sides of your feet. Use it on your legs if you’re prone to chafing, too.

5. Hair conditioner

Hair conditioner doubles as shaving cream to leave your hair and your pins silky smooth. And avoid tangled tresses after a swim with a portable DIY leave-in conditioner treatment – mix one part conditioner to four parts water into a spray bottle and take to the pool or beach.

6. Body lotion

A family-friendly gentle moisturiser, and ideal for removing make-up, you can also mix in a sachet or two of sugar or salt to create an exfoliating body scrub.

7. Shampoo

Use shampoo as a detergent for hand-washing. If you can’t resist a soak in the tub, it easily doubles as bubble bath, too.

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