How to calm sunburn, stings and bites

woman with suncreen sun on her back

We've found the best natural home remedies for these common summer ailments.

*These are alternative remedies and not medical. For external use only. If symptoms persist, consult your GP or call NHS 111.

How to soothe sunburn

Frozen cubes of aloe vera gel are great for soothing mild sunburn. You can make them easily, using an old ice cube tray. Leave the cubes to melt a little before rubbing them on your skin, to avoid freezer burn.

Aloe Vera gel in ice cube tray | Summer beauty hacks | Tesco Living

Neutralise nettle stings

Dock leaves are nature’s own remedy. Otherwise, dab a piece of sticky tape on the sting to remove the tiny plant hairs. Then clean the area before rubbing with a dry bar of soap.

How to cool heat rash

Make a cup of camomile tea and let it go cold. Dip a clean, soft towel in it, squeeze out any excess, and apply straight to the affected skin to cool it down.

DIY oat bath

Oats have soothing qualities to help dry, itchy skin. Fill the feet of a pair of clean tights with regular breakfast oats and hook it over the bath tap, so the water runs through them, filling the bath.

Relief from bee stings and wasp stings

Neutralise acidic bee stings with a paste made from baking powder and water.

Neutralise alkaline wasp stings with a mixture of one part vinegar and one part water.

How to relieve mosquito bites

Dab toothpaste on mozzie bites – the mint will help relieve the itching.

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