7 really handy roast dinner hacks

Roast chicken and vegetables | Roast dinner hacks | Tesco Living

Knock together a Sunday roast without breaking a sweat using these simple hacks.

1. Peel potatoes in an instant

Bring them to the boil with skins on and then plunge them into cold water. The skins should slide off easily.

2. Chop vegetables the easy way

To prevent your chopping board from sliding around as you cut up carrots and broccoli, place a damp tea towel underneath to keep it in place.

Even easier put all your veg in the food processor with the right blade attachment and chop in a flash.

3. Make lamb taste even more amazing

To give lamb a flavour boost, glaze by spreading a little Marmite over the top before you cook it to enhance the meat's natural sweetness. Even Marmite haters will love it.

4. Thicken gravy in a flash

Add a couple of chopped tomatoes to your gravy to thicken it – great as an alternative to flour for those on gluten-free diets.

5. Turn vegetables from boring to brilliant

Upgrade your vegetable sides by adding flavour that complements the meat you’re serving – try peas tossed in butter with fresh mint to go with lamb, or mix braised cabbage with grated apple and a splash of balsamic vinegar to accompany roast pork.

6. Keep everything warm

If you struggle with getting your timings right and don’t want elements of your roast dinner going cold before the rest is ready, use a slow cooker to keep everything at the perfect temperature until it’s time to serve up.

7. Add extra flavour to shop-bought items

Rather than making your own apple sauce or redcurrant jelly, save time by buying a basic variety from the supermarket and mixing in some orange or lemon zest for a twist. You can also add extra vinegar to shop-bought mint sauce to make it go further and give it a lively tang.

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