7 smart festival camping tips

silhouettes of happy people raising up hands at a music festival

Keep camping all about the fun with these hassle-free festival shortcuts and tips.

1. Sun-proof your tent

Reflective emergency blankets are a cheap way to keep it cool – drape one over the top of your tent to avoid it overheating. Discover more ways to keep your tent at the right temperature here.

2. Maximise your phone battery

Ration your smartphone’s battery usage by disabling functions like WiFi and Bluetooth, closing unnecessary background apps and dimming screen brightness to a minimum. Also wear a watch so you don’t keep checking the time on your phone, using up precious power.

3. Fend off sunstroke

Soak a bandana in cold water and wrap it around your head before heading for the main stage. Instant cool-down and bohemian festival vibes. Here are some more ways to help you keep cool in the heat.

4. Fly your flag

Festival campsites are easy to get lost in, especially after dark. Fly a large, colourful flag above your pitch so you can instantly spot your turf and avoid stumbling into someone else's tent.

campsite decorated with bunting and flags

5. Freeze your drinks

A chilled beer or cider is way more refreshing than a lukewarm one. Freeze any cans you’re bringing, then place them in old socks at the bottom of your bag for insulation. When you arrive, store them under your groundsheet.

6. Bring a makeshift mattress

If you don’t have a blow-up mattress, an inflatable pool lilo is the next best thing – you’ll be glad of the extra cushion after your long day partying in a field. For your pillow, a soft fabric bag filled with clothes is surprisingly comfortable.

7. Avoid a campsite calamity

Instead of getting lost on your late night wander to the portaloos, equip yourself with a bright LED key ring – they’re cheap and, unlike your phone’s built-in torch, won’t use up valuable battery life.

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