How to celebrate St Patrick's Day on a budget

You won’t need a pot of gold to get into the party spirit with these alternative money-saving ideas.

Hold a dance party

Get stuck in with the St Patrick’s Day fun by holding a dance party for friends and family. There are plenty of free videos online that’ll teach you some traditional Irish jigs. If the traditional route isn’t for you then look to Róisín Murphy and Westlife for some modern day tunes everyone can enjoy.

Settle in for a movie marathon

For a cheap and cheerful St Patrick’s Day, stay in and celebrate with a movie marathon starring Irish actors like Colin Farrell and Michael Fassbender. Rustle up some Gaelic grub and celebrate on the sofa while saving the pennies.

Make a St Patrick’s Day card

A quick and easy way to make a St Patrick’s Day card is to cut the bottom off a bell pepper and dip the remaining section in green paint before printing onto card - and hey presto, you have a shamrock!

Cook some traditional Irish food

Parties can be pricy but St Patrick’s Day needn’t be if you stick to some traditional Irish fare like this simple Irish stew with Guinness cake for dessert, or boxty (typical Irish potato cakes) for a hearty breakfast.

More money-saving ideas