Bad weather camping tips you need to know

tent and the sun shining

Survive a wash-out with these essential camping hacks and tips.

1. Waterproof your belongings with plastic pags

Tape one or two plastic bags over your shoes for makeshift wellies, wrap one around your camera when taking wet weather photos or cover your rucksack with an extra bag for instant rain protection.

2. Save space with a cagoule

Leave heavy coats at home: cagoules deflect rain instead of soaking it up. They’re also thin, so you’ll have more space in your bag for extra stuff.

3. Layer up with thin thermals

When the temperature drops choose lots of thin, skintight garments like vests, leggings and long johns instead of a single baggy jumper. You can strip away the layers until you’ve found the perfect temperature.

4. Quick-dry towels keep you and your tent dry

Quick-dry towels will save the day if water finds its way into your tent. These super absorbent sheets are brilliant for camping – less bulky in your bag, and just as effective as thicker towels. Hang them outside when the sun comes out and they’ll be dry again in no time.

5. Keep toilet roll in a zip lock bag

Remove the inner cardboard from a new roll and pull the tissue paper up and out from the inside. Pop the whole thing in a zip lock plastic bag and take with you when nature calls.

6. Pack extra socks

Always pack extra socks when camping. Save bag space by wrapping them around valuables for extra padding, or roll up tightly with rubber bands and stuff them in spare trainers. Or check out this bundle wrap technique for extra bag space.

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