Free ideas for a fun family night in

A child in a superhero outfit jumping

Fun family games and activities that won't cost you a penny.

Indoor Olympics

Host your own family sports day with a twist. Use a balloon in place of a volleyball, paper planes for javelins and scrunched-up tin foil for shotputs. Paper plates make great targets, especially if you arrange them at different levels on the stairs.

Make a movie

Challenge the kids to re-enact their favourite scene from a film, or even to make their own movie. Make some props using stuff from the recycling bin, then record the action on your mobile or camera. Stage your own premiere with snacks and drinks on the sofa.

Stargazing party

If it’s a clear night, get out in the garden and have a stargazing party. Download the free Google Sky Map to your smartphone or tablet and hold it up at the sky to see which stars are gazing back. If you can't see the stars, find out how to make glitter glow jars that will look great at night.

Activity Jenga

Write funny dares, such as 'Do your best air guitar impression for 10 seconds', on the individual Jenga blocks with a pencil or on sticky labels before building the block tower. The dares can be as easy or hard as you like, the funnier the better. Pull each block out to see whether you've got a dare for a fun twist on the classic game.

Selfie hot potato

Sit in a circle and set your camera’s timer on your phone. Pass the camera from one person to the next. The loser is the one whose face gets snapped when the timer goes off. When you’ve got a few photos, print them out and make a funny family photo collage in a frame, photo bunting or stick them together to make a photo table runner

Kids’ activity rota

If your kids disagree on what to do, have a rota for nights in. Ask them all for their ideas early so you can prep for pizza making or poster painting in advance.

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