6 money-saving gardening tips

Garden with gardening tools

Stress-free gardening shortcuts for green-fingered success on a shoestring budget.

1. Enrich soil

Perk up plants with leftover coffee grounds. They’re a great source of plant power-nutrient, nitrogen. With a near-neutral pH level, coffee grounds won’t change the acidity of your soil either and the best part is, they’re free. Just mix them in with your soil or compost and use as normal.

2. Sharpen shears

Polish your garden shears and secateurs with everyday car wax. Dab a little onto a cloth and rub onto the hinges to stop them rusting and onto blades for a cleaner cut.

3. Homemade watering can

Pierce a few holes in the lid of an empty milk carton using a corkscrew, then fill with water. Screw on the lid and hey presto, a makeshift DIY watering can. Make a kid-size version with a smaller milk carton – it’ll be easier to handle.

4. DIY seed dibber

Make planting a total breeze with a seed dibber. An old ruler, wine corks and glue are all you need to make it.

Metal ruler, 4 corks and glue on a lawn | DIY seed dibber | Tesco Living

4. Garden accessories

Save some cash with a spot of upcycling. Give your baked bean cans a second life with a lick of spray paint – instant plant pots or tea light holders. Old baskets, plastic bottles, pieces of guttering and even wellington boots can be turned into pots; while ice-cream sticks and stones make cheap and cheerful plant markers.

5. Keep your tools dry

Here’s a bargain solution to rusty tools. Fill a bucket or plant pot with sand and some oil and dig your trowels and forks in. The sandy mix will keep them free from any damp to stop the rust.

6. Make your own compost

Making your own compost doesn’t mean living The Good Life – all you need are some kitchen scraps to make free fertiliser. Get a Tesco composting bin then recycle all your vegetable and fruit peel, stale bread, coffee grounds and eggshells along with leaves, odd prunings and old soil. It’s cost effective, eco friendly and your garden will love you right back.

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