6 easy ways to keep fit for free

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Try these clever money-saving fitness ideas to stay healthy without busting the budget

Outdoor gym workout

Trees, open spaces and branches can all act as an excellent natural keep-fit kit – and don't require a gym. Try doing push-ups against the trunk of a sturdy tree or tricep dips on a tree stump.

Also, look out for free outdoor gyms – those areas with brightly-coloured pull-up bars, treadmills and hand bikes, too big for kids.

YouTube fitness

There are tons of free videos and tutorials online to teach you everything from tango to twerking. Or if dancing’s not your thing, try yoga, aerobics or Zumba – without reaching for your purse. It's time to channel your inner Davina McCall in your living room...

Walking as exercise

Walking the dog, getting the baby to sleep in the pushchair or walking part of the way to work can all add up to improving your fitness levels without spending a penny.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, try hiking, Nordic walking or even a bit of sightseeing to make things more interesting.

Discover the many health benefits of walking everyday

Children’s fitness

Encourage the kids to get active in the open air and take the lead by joining in. It could be bike riding, a game of tag, rounders or a game of football in the park. By getting stuck in too you will burn calories and increase your heart rate, plus having quality family time to boost your mood and wellbeing.

Housework workout

You have to clean the house anyway, so you might as well get something extra out of it. Think about each chore you have to do and how to turn it into an exercise. It might be lunges with the hoover, squats as you’re loading the dishwasher or using the hand whisk when baking for an arm workout.

Fitness apps

There are plenty of fitness apps suitable for beginners right through to athletes. We particularly like Couch To 5K from www.Change4life. It starts you off from walking, all the way up to running 5k in a simple nine-week programme. Try these five free fitness apps to kick-start your exercise regime.

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