6 easy ways to revamp your garden

bird house with a coloured

Give your garden a makeover that doesn't cost the earth with these easy DIY gardening ideas.

1. Colourful fences

Ice cream-coloured panels will cheer up the garden all year round. If you’re looking for something less permanent, use coloured ribbon to hang a series of glass bottles from your fence at varying lengths and pop a flower in each.

2. DIY wind chimes

Make use of old keys by painting them in assorted colours and threading varying lengths of string through each one. Hang from a sturdy stick, using more string to attach it to a suitable spot in your garden. Cue tinkly sounds.

3. Quirky planters

Plant flowers in the basket of an old bicycle, in old wellington boots, or the drawers of a painted chest of drawers. See more recycling ideas for uplifting your garden.

bike used a flowerpot

4. Garden storage tips

The space underneath garden benches is good for a quick storage fix. Conceal it with makeshift curtains (an old shower curtain cut to size and pinned to the bench) – your guests will never know the chaos that lies beneath.

5. Make an archway

Arches give any outdoor space a secret garden feel. Pick up some flexible metal rods from the garden centre or craft shop and bend them to the shape you want. No time to coax out those flowers? Wind synthetic flowers around the archway instead.

6. Outdoor lighting ideas

Give the outdoor Christmas lights a summer holiday away from their box. Use them to line pathways and drape around bushes or archways. Need a quick fix? Add battery-operated fairy lights to a sealable Mason jar and dot a few around the garden for magical outdoor lighting.

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