6 easy ways to upcycle a party outfit

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Create a stylish and unique party wardrobe on a budget with these easy upcycling ideas for the party season.

1. Glitter heels

Coat a pair of old heeled shoes in clear glue before covering them completely in glitter. An accent heel or strap can work just as well if you're after a more subtle look. Perfect for adding Christmas-inspired glam on a budget.

2. Lace pocket

Adding a lacy embellishment to a pocket is an instant way to make a basic t-shirt or dress look party-worthy. Cut some lace from another garment or piece of material and sew it around or across the pocket, tucking in any loose edges as you sew.

3. Clothing dye

If you have a dress or shirt that fits perfectly but needs a refresh, use a home dye. It’ll bring back faded colour easily and cheaply. Or change the look of your outfit entirely with a brand new shade.

4. Necklace hacks

Make a necklace look more expensive by coating the gems with coloured nail polish. Choose a colour you love, let it dry and make your jewels shine with a layer of clear nail polish as a topcoat.

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5. Creative cutting

Create an edgy backless garment by carefully cutting horizontal strips into the back of a t-shirt or other cotton top. Or cut a heart shape into the front of an old top or dress and layer another top underneath in a different colour. The result: instant party outfit.

6. Attention to detail

Adding extra details like crystals, beads or pearls to a plain party frock will give you a new reason to take it out of the wardrobe. Try adding some bling to the collar, pockets or sleeves of your old favourites.

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