6 freakishly fun Halloween party games

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Budget-friendly party games and activities to keep the kids entertained at Halloween.

1. Spooky story-writing

Challenge the kids to write the scariest story. Start off by coming up with characters, a setting and a few possible beginnings and endings. Now let the authors loose with paper and pencils (bonus points for illustrations). When they’re done, take turns telling stories with a lit torch under the chin for eeriness.

2. Wrap the mummy

Sacrifice a few cheap toilet rolls for a mummy-wrapping competition. Two teams must wrap their designated mummy from head to toe. Whoever finishes first is the winner. The losing team can tidy up.

3. Trick or treats

Give your trick-or-treaters a homemade surprise by knocking up some candy kebabs (skewers of pick ’n’ mix), spooky shaped bakes (try skeleton-shaped-gingerbread and these meringue ghosts) or a personalised bag of freshly popped popcorn.

4. Hunt for bats

Make a bat template out of card, then get the kids to use it to cut out a bunch of the flying beasties and decorate them however they like. When you have a stack of them, hide the bats around the house and send the kids on an epic vampire hunt. Download this bat printable to get you started.

5. Pom pom spiders

Create a pompom by wrapping yarn round and round your fingers for about two minutes, before tying it into a parcel. Then remove it from your hand and cut through the yarn on either side, trimming the sides into a fluffy ball shape. Now use pipe cleaners to create creepy crawly spider legs. Stick on a couple of googly eyes and some white felt fangs to give your eight-legged friend personality.

6. Host a bonfire

A garden bonfire is an awesome way to end a Halloween party, and perfect for sharing those scary stories. Be sure to stock up on chocolate biscuits and marshmallows for toasting to create your own delicious spooky snacks.

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