Fun DIY garden games kids will love

DIY water fountain

Transform your outdoor space into a playground with these DIY garden game ideas

Make a throwing game from a sheet

Paint monsters onto an old sheet using poster paint, then cut out the monster mouths with scissors. Peg the sheet onto a washing line that stretches across the garden and let the kids loose – one point for every ball thrown into the monsters’ mouths.

Build a waterfall with plastic bottles

Cut a large oval in the side of six water bottles and attach them to a garden wall or fence using a drill and screws. Angle the bottles so that their tops sit above your cut-holes and place a container at the bottom. Kids will have hours of fun pouring water into the top bottle and watching it travel down to the bottom.

monster sheet game DIY waterfall using water bottles

DIY swing

If you’ve got a strong, tall tree in your garden, hang an old tyre to a sturdy branch using some robust rope tied with a double knot. Have an adult test the swing to ensure its strength.

Makeshift garden den

Attach a shower curtain to a hula hoop, then hang it from a tree – and voilà, you have a very quick garden den. Add blankets and cushions to make it extra comfy.

Garden assault course

Have an action-packed afternoon with your very own homemade assault course. Jump through a ring of fire (use a hula hoop with paper flames stuck to it), and splash through an icy river (a paddling pool filled with cold water).

Sheets are great for crawling underneath (with the corners weighted down). Add mini challenges like tossing cuddly toys into a laundry basket, or weave between baked bean cans placed at intervals.

Homemade chalk paints

Make our DIY wash-away chalk paints and the kids can use it to draw hopscotch, Twister or pretty pictures on your outdoor paving. If you haven't got enough space, use an old sheet instead – it’s ready to bring inside when a downpour is looming.

Chalk paintings on a pavement | DIY chalk paint for outdoors | Tesco Living

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