Easy tricks for the perfect picnic

Selection of picnic foods | Tricks for the perfect picnic | Tesco Living

Planning an alfresco feast? Use these simple tricks to help you put together a knock-out picnic in no time.

Pack smart

Save time by packing food in the order it will be served - less rummaging, more relaxing.

Make all-in-one dishes

Bring along pre-prepared food like this stuffed picnic loaf with shredded chicken. Even better, serve food that can be eaten directly from the container you transport it in, like salad served from jars.

Use wax paper to keep food fresh

Secure sarnies with wax paper instead of clingfilm, which can make sandwiches soggy, to keep them tasty and fresh.

Sandwich being wrapped in wax paper | Tricks for the perfect picnic | Tesco Living

Build a picnic kit

Instead of packing salt and pepper grinders, use empty tic tac boxes. Pack a tray to keep drinks upright as well as a bottle insect repellent and some hand wipes.

Pack multi-tasking cupcake cases

Keep bugs out of drinks by using cupcake cakes as lids – find out how to do it here.

Ice lolly sticks poked through the bottom of muffin cases stops lollies dripping onto kids' fingers.

Waterproof your picnic blanket

Turn your existing picnic rug into a waterproof one by stitching an old shower curtain to one side.

Beat the heat

Two things you don’t want to take home from a picnic: sunburn and sickness. Slip SPF and antibacterial wipes into your cool bag, where the ice will keep them cool and ready to use when you need them. Click here for more tips to help you keep cool this summer.

Box clever

Wash out an empty bag-in-a-box or pouched wine, rinse thoroughly, fill with water or squash and freeze to make a reusable ice pack. You also gain a chilled drink as it melts!

Use water to repel flies

Pop a few pennies into a resealable bag of water and place near your picnic to make an all-natural insect repellent (the light reflecting in the water and pennies help to deter flies). Another trick is to sprinkle salt or talcum powder around your blanket to keep ants from invading.

How to pack up quickly

Take a couple of bin liners with you, one for the rubbish (so you don’t have to search for a bin) and the other to spread out inside your picnic basket or cool box so you can easily repack dirty dishes or containers without worrying about any spills.

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