Nifty storage ideas for a small bathroom

Use up every nook and cranny with these clever storage hacks.

Wooden crate storage

A collection of simple wooden crates placed on their side and piled high can easily fit in the space between the toilet, sink and bath.

Use wood glue to secure the crates together, paint them in a contrasting colour to your bathroom, and fill them up with towels and toiletries.

Magnetic bathroom cabinet

A strip or two of magnetic tape on the inside of the bathroom cupboard will easily hold hair grips and stainless steel tweezers, saving you valuable cupboard space. You can also use it to store small cosmetics – just glue a washer onto the back of them.

Bathroom cabinet with accessories on magnetic strip | Bathroom storage hacks | Tesco Living

Spice racks for toiletries

Not just ideal for storing your herbs and spices, spice racks are perfectly sized for stowing away toiletries, too. Secure as many as you can to spare wall space and you’ll have a mini pantry-style unit for all your bath supplies. Most spice racks have a corner or rail you could hang hand towels from, too.

Roll your towels

Rolling-up towels can make a bathroom look hotel-worthy and it’s a clever space-saving technique that’ll give you more room for other accessories. Roll tightly and pack them onto a shelf.

Cake stand storage

Store upwards if you’re lacking in countertop space. A DIY cake stand means you can make as many tiers as you need, and will put your old, mismatched or chipped crockery to better use.

Bathroom items on a crockery cake stand | Bathroom storage hacks | Tesco Living

Glass jar storage

Re-purpose Mason jars into an attractive set of bathroom storage pots to stash away those bulky cotton balls, pads, buds or other small accessories. Paint the lids and no one will suspect they once stored jam.

Savvy shelving

That dead space above the doorframe is ideal for storing bathroom stuff you don’t need everyday. Just fix a standard floating shelf above the door, ensuring the door can close and doesn’t catch.

Storage on wheels

Move your dusty kitchen vegetable trolley to the bathroom. It’s ideal for storing towels, toilet rolls and toiletries, and you’ll have the freedom to move it where you want.

Bathroom accessories on kitchen trolley in a bathroom | Bathroom storage hacks | Tesco Living

Under-bath storage

Rehome the creepy crawlies under the bath and turn the space into a secret storage unit. You can easily fit shallow sliding drawers, small shelves and baskets under there. Use magnetic door panels for even easier access.

Over-door storage

If you don’t want to commit to drilling holes, over-the-door hooks are your go-to solution for hanging towels and dressing gowns. Or try the over-door shoe storage hangers which can easily store toiletries.

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