How to make a small garden look bigger

Wooden furniture in small garden | Make a small garden look bigger | Tesco Living

Create the illusion of more space in your garden with these nifty tricks.

Alter perspective

Larger plant pots in the foreground and smaller ones in the distance will give the illusion of a longer garden.

Also, the smaller the tiles or stones for your patio area the better – try a mosaic floor or tiny gravel. Avoid larger tiles, as these will swamp the space.

Build a vertical garden

Add height by using a trellis or climbing vine to create a living wall. It sounds odd but small trees, and tall, large-leaf plants will actually make the space appear bigger.

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vertical garden using a shoe organiser

Create some mystery

Lay a curved path going through the garden, keeping the end out of view – this trick will create the illusion that it goes on further.

Avoid overcrowding

Concentrate your plant pots in one or two areas, to maximise the spare space. This genius DIY pot stacker is a great way to add interest to even the tiniest of gardens.

Use slatted garden furniture

Wooden slatted chairs and tables that fold away are ideal – you can catch glimpses of the garden between the slats giving the illusion of a larger space.

Avoid small tables and chairs, as they will only make your outdoor space appear even smaller.

Paint your garden

Use warmer colours towards the front of the garden, and cooler colours towards the rear. Painting the back wall or fence a darker colour will make it appear further away.

Continue the colours used indoors into the garden to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. It will help make the rooms appear as one large space.

Play with shadows to create space

Create atmosphere by using some outdoor lighting. Dot fairy lights on trees and fences around the seating area, or up-light your larger plants to add depth.

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Double the space with mirrors

Hang up an old mirror in a place where it will reflect greenery to give the illusion of more space. And ensure it's in a shady spot to avoid it becoming a fire hazard.

Mirror surrounded by plants | How to make a small garden look bigger | Tesco Living

Fill the corners

Corner seating, or filling the corners up with larger plants, will maximise the space and give the garden an angle, which actually helps it seem bigger and adds interest to a rectangular plot.

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