Clever spring cleaning tips

Box of cleaning products | Ultimate spring cleaning checklist | Tesco Living

Make cleaning feel like less of a chore with our quick and easy cleaning tips

How to clean with lemons 

Lemons on a chopping board | How to clean with lemons | Tesco Living

Removing limescale, cleaning your blender and getting rid of grime from grouting are just some of the ways you can use lemons when cleaning.   

Cleaning with lemons

Cleaning checklists

With our free downloadable deep cleaning and annual cleaning checklists, you’ll never miss a spot.

The spring cleaning checklist | Spring cleaning checklist | Tesco Living
Download our free cleaning checklist

What you didn't know your dishwasher could clean

Toys in a dishwasher | Amazing things your dishwasher can do | Tesco Living

From shining shoes to cleaning toys, discover amazing things your dishwasher can do

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Fold your clothes like a pro

Watch our video to learn how to save wardrobe space and use this clever folding hack to organise your tops, shirts and t-shirts.

Red wine, tea and ink stains on carpet | Carpet stain removal hacks | Tesco Living

Carpet stain removal hacks

You’ll be amazed at how many stains you can remove with everyday ingredients, see our handy hacks. 

Carpet cleaning tips

Bottle of white vinegar | Vinegar cleaning tips | Tesco Living

Cleaning with vinegar

It's not just for sprinkling on your chips – here are ways you can use vinegar to transform your home. 

How to clean with vinegar

A stained cup, a clean cup and bicarbonate of soda | How to clean with bicarbonate of soda | Cleaning tips

How to clean with bicarbonate of soda

Expand your cleaning arsenal with this basic store cupboard ingredient.

Bicarbonate of Soda cleaning tips

DIY storage Box

Towels appearing in a box | DIY storage basket | Tesco Living

Make your dull cardboard box go from drab to fab with these simple steps.

You will need:

A cardboard box, twine, scissors, super strong glue and a pillowcase.

Cardboard box, pillowcase and twine | DIY cardboard storage basket | Tesco Living

Step 1

Line your box with a pillowcase, then fold the opening of the pillowcase over the edges of the box. We recommend gluing it in place to secure. Tip: This may need trimming to allow space for the twine, depending on the size of your box.

Pillowcase inside a cardboard box | DIY storage basket | Tesco Living

Step 2

Glue the end of the twine to a bottom corner of the box to secure.

Twine glued to cardboard box | DIY storage basket | Tesco Living

Step 3

Wind the twine tightly around the box, gluing as you go, until you reach the pillowcase.

Twine wrapped around a box | DIY storage basket | Tesco Living

Step 4

Leave to dry, then put it to good use, such as storing towels or toiletries.

Towels in storage basket | DIY storage basket | Tesco Living

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