Ultimate spring cleaning checklist

Box of cleaning products | Ultimate spring cleaning checklist | Tesco Living

Get your home spick and span in no time with our handy downloadable checklists.

Deep clean every room

Spring cleaning checklist printable | Ultimate spring cleaning checklist | Tesco Living

From vacuuming between sofa cushions to cleaning above cupboards, this checklist will give you a quick reminder of all the tasks to do for a deep spring clean, with helpful cleaning tips and hacks to save time or money.

Download the deep clean checklist

Annual cleaning checklist

Annual cleaning planner printable | Spring cleaning checklist | Tesco Living

What should be cleaned and when? Stick this handy cleaning checklist on the fridge for an at-a-glance reminder of weekly chores, weekend tasks and what can be done seasonally.

Download the annual cleaning checklist

Make cleaning easy

We've got loads of great tips and hacks to make cleaning and tidying quick and easy.

Did you know you can wash more in your dishwasher that dirty plates? See our list of household items you can clean in your dishwasher.

Toys in a dishwasher | Amazing things your dishwasher can do | Tesco Living

Make your own cleaning solutions

Lemons, vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, even stale bread can be used to clean your home, see what you already have in your kitchen cupboard that cleans naturally.

Bread, eggs and lemons on a board | Kitchen cupboard staples for cleaning | Tesco Living

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