Easy spring gardening tips

Garden furniture set with party food | Summer hosting tips | Tesco Living

Get creative and spruce up your garden this spring with our nifty tricks that are sure to wow your guests

Painted wooden garden furniture

Revamp your garden furniture 

Bring your garden furniture back to life with our clever cleaning and overhauling tips.

Garden furniture ideas

DIY seed dibber

Metal ruler, 4 corks and glue on a lawn | DIY seed dibber | Tesco Living

Make planting seeds quick and easy with a homemade dibber.

More clever garden hacks

Grow up, not out

Vertical gardening is great for small gardens and balconies, plus you can recycle old furniture, such as ladders and drawers, to grow plants.

Vertical gardening ideas
ideas for a vertical garden

Watch our video below on how to use plant pots to make a vertical garden

Wooden furniture in small garden | Make a small garden look bigger | Tesco Living

Make your garden look bigger

Use our quick tricks to make your outdoor space look bigger than it really is.

Small garden ideas

Fairy lights flashing in Mason jar | Mason jar upcycling ideas | Tesco Living
Tip: To create pretty outdoor lights, fill a couple of Mason jars with battery-operated fairy lights!

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