How to make shopping with kids easy

A girl beside her mother holding a shopping bag | How to make shopping with kids easy | Tesco Living

Get in and out of the store quickly – and save cash – with these shopping tips.

Make the journey fun

Get the kids excited about the weekly shop by entertaining them on the car journey with free in-car activities, and why not try making our marble maze – perfect for travelling.

Grab some free fruit

You might have heard about the Tesco Free Fruit initiative – it’s a great way to give kids healthy snacks while shopping and to keep them quiet. Free fruit is available at over 800 Tesco stores now, and kids can choose from free apples, bananas and soft citrus fruits.

Scan as you Shop

Give the kids some responsibility and keep track of spending with Scan as you Shop at Tesco. The kids can hunt down the items on your shopping list, scan each item with the handset, then help you pack them into the bags as you shop. Then you can simply pay in the Scan as you Shop payment area – you’ll be in and out of the store in no time.

The easy way to teach kids about food

Use your shopping time to help the kids learn the names of different fruit and veg, understand portion sizes and where their food comes from with our free Farm to Fork printables.

Delegate the packing

When you get to the checkout, enlist the kids’ help with packing the shopping bags. Extra brownie points if they help with the unpacking at home, too. And don’t forget to take some spare bags with you to save spending 5p on new bags.

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