Summer beauty hacks you need to know

Handmade face mist in mini spray bottles | Summer beauty hacks | Tesco Living

These quick-fix DIY beauty products will have you looking your best all season.

DIY face mist

Keep skin hydrated throughout summer by adding refreshing mint, lavender, cucumber or rose to a travel-sized spray bottle topped with water. Store it in the fridge and use it on the go to help keep you cool this summer, too.

Easy DIY strawberry sugar scrub

Leftover strawberries turning squishy? Make your own fragrant body scrub by mashing four large strawberries in a bowl with 100g of granulated sugar and 3 tbsp of solid coconut oil.

Store it in sealable clip-top jar or Mason jar until you’re ready to exfoliate.

Homemade strawberry and sugar body scrub | Summer DIY beauty hacks | Tesco Living

Body lotion three ways

Make three different beauty products using body lotion and other items you already own.

  • Body lotion + bronzer = tanning lotion
  • Body lotion + foundation = tinted moisturiser
  • Body lotion + brown sugar = exfoliating scrub

Soothing aloe vera ice cubes

Fill an ice cube tray with aloe vera gel and freeze. Once frozen, remove a cube and keep it at room temperature for a few minutes before rubbing over parched and sunburnt skin for instant relief.

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Aloe Vera gel in ice cube tray | Summer beauty hacks | Tesco Living

Multi-purpose Vaseline

Vaseline is a true holiday hero in a tiny tin. Use it to soothe sunburn, remove eye make-up and tame flyaway hairs.

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