How to dress a Christmas table on a budget

Christmas table setting | Dress a Christmas table on a budget | Tesco Living

Dress your Christmas table to impress with these simple money-saving ideas.

Christmas tree napkin fold

Make Christmas tree napkins with this simple folding trick for a quick and easy way to impress your guests.

Customise your tablecloth

Did you know plain wrapping paper is a brilliant alternative to a tablecloth? You and your guests are free to doodle at the place setting and customise it to your own personal style. The best bit? You won't mind drips and spills as it's completely disposable – just throw it in the recycling bin afterwards.

A GIF showing four different styles of doodle table cloths | How to dress your Christmas table on a budget | Tesco Living

Join up mismatched tableware

A mix of different colours and patterns can look really effective, but if they clash too much, try tying matching ribbons around odd cutlery, and dot plain white basics in amongst your coloured and patterned crockery to help unify them.

Keeping to a simple colour scheme for the rest of the table will also help. Try this clever chair cover hack to tidy up those odd dining chairs, too.

DIY table centrepiece

Up your Christmas table game with a homemade festive centrepiece – it doesn’t need to cost anything. Try making this gorgeous decorative jar using salt, cranberries and foliage from the garden.

Salt, cranberries and leaves in glass jar | DIY Christmas table decoration | Tesco Living

Photo table runner

Print off some family photos and turn them into a table runner for a fantastic talking point during Christmas dinner. It works really well with black and white images to create a vintage feel. Watch the video to see how it's done.

Christmas cutlery holder

If you’re having to rummage around in your cutlery drawer to find enough for all your guests, this cutlery holder will make even the most mismatched cutlery look stylish. Download the template to get started. Add your guest’s name on the card for a personalised touch they'll love.

Christmas table setting | Christmas cutlery holder | Tesco Living

Wine glass decorations

Use some liquid chalk to decorate your drinking glasses with a pretty snowflake pattern, or attach mini decorative name tags on the stems to save them getting mixed up during the meal.

Snowflake decorated wine glass | How to decorate drinking glasses | Tesco Living

DIY place cards

These fragrant rosemary place cards will instantly jazz up the Christmas table, are really easy to make, and your guests will love them.

Rosemary wreath place name on plate | DIY rosemary wreath place card | Tesco Living

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