Hassle-free buying guide for school uniforms

School kids sitting on a bench wearing uniform

Discover the money-saving secrets that make school uniforms tough and durable.

Choose stain-resistant clothing

Buy your school trousers, pinafores and skirts from F&F at Tesco, and they’ll be coated with Dupont™ Teflon® fabric protector to help keep them spill and stain free.

Tip: For stained collars on old white shirts, pre-treat them for 30 minutes in a mixture of 1l of cold water and 4 tbsp of salt for 30 minutes. See more stain removal hacks for clothing

Pick trousers with reinforced knees

An inner knee patch on school trousers means they’re more resilient against wear and tear – perfect and practical for the playground.

Tip: Transform an old ripped pair of trousers into shorts ready for the summer term by cutting the bottom ¾ off and stitching up the hem.

Opt for adjustable waists

For children to stay as comfortable as possible, and to speed up getting dressed in the morning, pick trousers with an adjustable waist. At F&F trousers with an adjustable waist are available up to 10-11 years.

Tip: For an even longer-lasting pair of trousers, buy them with a longer length leg, stitch up the hem and then unstitch when your little one hits a growth spurt.

Watch out for permanent pleats

Skirts and pinafores at F&F have been treated with a special permanent pleat finish to help keep them crisp all year round – that’s one less item for the ironing basket!

Tip: If an old pleated skirt needs an iron, use hair grips at the bottom of the skirt to keep the pleats in place.

Choose non-iron shirts

Reduce your ironing load with F&F’s non-iron selection of uniform staples. The special treatment means the fabric stays crease free – just hang up and go.

For easy fastening for little hands, the non-iron shirts feature velcro riptape cuffs and collars up to 8 years.

Tip: Hang shirts in the bathroom while taking a morning shower to reduce any creases.

Look out for ‘As New’ technology

School knitwear, polos and sweatshirts from F&F feature As New technology, which is a treatment given to clothes to help them last much longer, reduce bobbling and keep the colour bright.

Tip: Easily remove pesky bobbles on old school jumpers by running a razor down the piece of clothing – the bobbles will come right off.

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More helpful tips for washing school uniforms

  • Keep a bin next to the washing machine as a reminder to empty out pockets
  • Wash on 30℃ to help school uniforms last longer
  • Partly dry jumpers, cardigans and other knits on a clotheshorse before tumble-drying to avoid clothes shrinking.
  • Turn shirts, trousers and any other pieces of clothing that have buttons or clasps inside-out before going in the drum to help them last longer.

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