Top 10 party foods for the ultimate Halloween fright night

Chocolate cake with ghost pears | Halloween party food ideas | Tesco Living

Serve up a range of these spook-alicious dishes to fright and delight the taste buds.

Chocolate cheesecake with ghostly pears

Ghostly pears provide the cute factor, while chocolate shards lend a sinister finish in this decadent chocolate cheesecake.

Blood-red lemonade with floating teeth

Surprise your little monsters with a fruity lemonade drink pepped up with a couple of unexpected sweet treats. The scarier the better!

Fake teeth floating in a glass of red juice | Halloween party foods | Tesco Living

Broken glass cupcakes

The classic red velvet cupcake gets a frightening makeover with this clever version featuring edible broken glass and fake blood.

Cupcakes with shards of sugar glass | Halloween party foods | Tesco Living

Chocolate mousse grave pots

A terrifying treat that tastes divine – try these striking melt-in-the-mouth chocolate mousse desserts with spooky gravestones.

Biscuit graves in chocolate desserts | Halloween party foods | Tesco Living

Cupcakes with marshmallow skulls

Transform white marshmallows into scary little skulls to top these bite-sized spooky blackberry cupcakes.

Cupcakes with marshmallow 'ghosts' on top | Halloween party foods | Tesco Living

Dragon eyeballs

Mozzarella and stuffed olives make super tasty dragon eyeballs.

Mozzarella and olive 'eyes' on a plate | Halloween party foods | Tesco Living

Ghostly pizza

Carefully-positioned black olive spiders, ghoulish mozzarella and bat-shaped salami form a petrifying pizza that's perfect for your scary spread.

Pizza with mozzarella 'ghosts' and olive 'spiders' | Halloween party foods | Tesco Living

Ginger bat biscuits

Bake a batch of these bat-shaped gingerbread cookies and let the little ones decorate them to their hearts' content.

Bat-shaped biscuit with chocolate icing | Halloween party foods | Tesco Living

Mummified meatballs

Just imagine the look on your little one’s face when they’re served a portion of meatballs with cute bandaged faces

Meatballs wrapped in linguine | Halloween party foods | Tesco Living

Slime dip with spooky tortilla shapes

Green slime, aka deliciously guacamole with homemade tortilla chips, is surprisingly very simple to make. Use a cookie cutter, or knife to make creepy shapes such as bats, spiders and witch hats, then bake.

Guacamole and bat shaped tortilla chips | Halloween party foods | Tesco Living

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