Christmas. Bring it on

A pile of Christmas presents | Spend less money at Christmas | Tesco Living

Embrace Christmas without the stress or the expense, check out our easy tips for a stress-free, money-saving festive season.

A GIF showing four different styles of doodle table cloths | How to dress your Christmas table on a budget | Tesco Living

Christmas doodle tablecloth

Take the pressure off of hosting and turn your Christmas dinner into an interactive experience with a paper tablecloth. Whether it's a grown-up affair, the kids table or a buffet-style feast, use coloured pens and pencils to personalise it however you like, or let the guests doodle while they wait for their food. Once the party is over, you can just roll it up and throw it in the recycling bin for a quick clean-up.

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NYE party game ideas

Keep party spirits high past midnight with these fun games ideas. They also make brilliant icebreakers for guests.

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New Years Eve party bags | New Years Eve games ideas | Tesco Living

Round pastry cut-out | How to make mince pie pops | Tesco Living

Easy and delicious edible gifts

Whip up a batch of these mince pie pops – they're ideal for treating unexpected guests over Christmas. Pop them into a cellophane bag and seal with a ribbon to use as table favours or small stocking fillers.

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Champagne glasses with red ribbons and numbered tags | Champagne glass decorations | Tesco Living

Countdown to 2017 

Add numbered tags to your Champagne glasses so your guests can keep tabs on which glass is theirs.

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The ultimate money-saving party trick

Take the pressure off of hosting and make your booze supply go further with this fun and thrifty hot chocolate bar. Add a selection of toppings and flavours and let the guests help themselves.

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Fun Christmas tree alternatives

Flashing fairy light Christmas tree | Alternative Christmas tree ideas | Tesco Living

No room for a traditional Christmas tree, or just fancy something different this year? Save space and cash by making one from fairy lights instead! Zig zag the lights into a tree shape, sticking it onto the wall with washi tape as you go, then hang mini decorations on the wires.

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Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting

Christmas market at night | Money-saving Christmas market tips | Tesco Living

Money-saving secrets for Christmas markets

Don’t be tempted by all the festive grandeur – you can still enjoy the experience and keep costs to a minimum. Our tips will help you decide what’s worth buying, what’s best to make yourself and simple ways to save cash without spoiling the fun.

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Wrapping paper DIY

Get the kids involved

Keep the little ones occupied with our easy Christmas crafts and get free, handmade wrapping paper at the end of it – win-win! 

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