Wall planner tricks that will organise your life

Corkboard with weekly calendar | Wall planner organisation ideas | Tesco Living

Create some order in the chaos with these clever tips for an organised life

Create a calendar

Use colourful washi tape to make a grid for the days of the week, then glue on a wad of sticky notes in each square to create a weekly calendar.

Write all your reminders and appointments on the top sticky note, and when it’s over just remove the single note to reveal a fresh page for the following week. See more ways you can use washi tape.

Calendar on corkboard | Wall planner organisation ideas | Tesco Living

Colour code your notes

Use red for urgent matters, blue for social events and black for chores, or give each member of the family their own colour, so you’ll know at a glance what’s planned for the week.

Make a paper wallet

Recycle an old map, poster or card by turning it into a storage pocket for your wall planner.

Fold or cut it into the shape you want, then simply pin the edges to your planner to keep in place. Use it to hold receipts, letters and other important documents.

Map pinned to corkboard | Wall planner organisation tips | Tesco Living

Use magnets to store stationery

Glue some magnets onto the frame of your wall planner and you’ll have somewhere to store paperclips, bulldog clips and other bits of stationery.

Peg your paperwork

Use clothes pegs to organise your utility bills and paperwork before you file them away.

Download our free printable peg labels and stick them onto the pegs, then glue them along the frame of the board. Alternatively, glue a pin to the back of the clothes peg and you can pin it to anywhere on your corkboard.

Pegs on a corkboard | Wall planner organisation tips | Tesco Living

Keep everything in one place

Create the ultimate organisation station and hang the wall planner above a desk, complete with some DIY drawer dividers to store stationery or file away bills and letters. You can easily customise it for homework, revision or general life admin.

A drawer opening and closing | How to make drawer dividers | Tesco Living

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