How to waterproof your garden on a budget

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Try these super-simple waterproofing hacks so you can enjoy your al fresco gathering whatever the weather

How to stop aluminium furniture from rusting

Apply two light coats of car wax to aluminium garden furniture to keep it rust-free when the weather turns damp.

Rain-proof outdoor lighting

Battery-operated tea lights in Kilner jars make atmospheric and safe wet-weather outdoor lamps – unlike fairy lights, where the plug connection can be dangerous in a downpour.

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How to prevent wooden garden furniture rotting

Cut squares from an old shower curtain (or plastic bags) and fasten with elastic bands round the feet of wooden garden furniture. You can use the same method on metal furniture to avoid rust marks on your terrace or patio, too.

How to make a waterproof picnic blanket

Watch this video to see how to make a waterproof picnic blanket – perfect for enjoying the garden even when the grass is damp.

Add shower curtains to a gazebo

Create your very own rain-resistant room. Hang old shower curtains by their rings from the rails or attach them using bulldog clips to make waterproof walls.

Protect wrought iron

Keep garden gates and shed hinges rust-free by coating them in WD-40.

DIY outdoor furniture covers

Use a waxed tablecloth or tarpaulin to keep the rain off your outdoor furniture. Smaller items like stools or outdoor tables can be covered with ‘bags for life’, cut the handles off first.

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