Winter garden hacks you need to know 

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Keep your garden going all year round with these tips to make sure you're ahead of the game come spring.

Make an indoor greenhouse

Give spring seedlings a head start with a makeshift greenhouse. Place loo rolls, cut in half, in plastic storage containers and fill with soil before popping in the seeds. Put the lid on loosely and watch the seedlings grow. See more ways to bring the outside in.

Store your gardening tools over winter

If your metal tools have to live outside, keep them safe with a self-cleaning and sharpening hack. Just add sand and mineral oil to a flower pot and stick tools in, handle up. The mix of sand and oil will act as sandpaper against the metal of your tools.

Protect outdoor plants

Keep animals off your soil over winter (when you probably won’t be outside tending to it as much) with plastic forks. Place the forks in your soil, prongs up and cats and squirrels will be put off walking across your well-dug land.

Attract wildlife over winter

Long grass, dead wood, leaves and twigs all encourage wildlife into your garden. So over winter, if you want to attract wildlife in your garden, there’s no need to mow all of the lawn. You can also get the kids involved by getting them to build an insect hotel using garden debris such as dead wood, leaves and twigs.

Grow winter vegetables

Onions, shallots, garlic and carrots are all ideal for growing in winter and don’t need to be harvested until summer. Broad beans, peas and asparagus all look after themselves over the winter months, too.

Winter blooms

Plant some flowers that bloom in winter, so your garden looks pretty all year round. Winter jasmine, pansies and primroses will add colour and warmth to a winter garden. Try snow drops to give your garden a frosty finish.

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