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woman with suncreen sun on her back

Seven quick tips to treat sunburn, stings and bites

We've found DIY home remedies for the peskiest of summer symptoms

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sports bats on grass

Five garden sports games for summer

Harness that competitive spirit and combine family fun and fitness with these original games to play in the garden or park – no gym membership or special equipment required

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ham and eggs sandwich

Epic sandwich ideas for every diet

There’s no need to miss out on British Sandwich Week just because you’re gluten intolerant or are on a dairy-free diet. We’ve rounded up the best and most inventive sandwiches for every diet

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Kale crisps

Five quick and easy vegetable crisps for healthier snacking

Give your snacking a health boost with these easy-to-make veggie crisps. From beetroot and parsnip to kale and turnip – they’re so simple to make and you'll soon forget all about potatoes

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Portobello mushroom burger

10 ways to a healthier BBQ

From sausages and sauces to marinades and kebabs, here are some easy inspiring ideas for making summer barbecues better for your body

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glasses of cola

Five key foods to cut down on for a healthier life

Everything in moderation is a good food rule – but moderation can be tough! For great health, your body will thank you for taking these items out of the trolley and temptation’s way

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woman doing housework and singing into broom

How to turn housework into a proper workout

From hoovering and dusting to laundry and tidying, here’s how to make your housework a super effective way to burn calories

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Two people sleeping

10 snoring solutions to help you sleep better

If you’re one of the 41 per cent of the population making night-time noise – or a long-suffering bedfellow – here’s the advice you need to sleep soundly

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woman blowing dandelion

How to fight hay fever right now

With a little preparation, even hay fever sufferers can enjoy spring in all its splendour

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A woman looking at her fitness watch

Six things you didn’t know wearable technology could do

Want to tap into the latest trend for wearable health and fitness tech but not sure how it can help you? We consulted the experts to discover how it can make your life easier

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