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sports bats on grass

Five garden sports games for summer

Harness that competitive spirit and combine family fun and fitness with these original games to play in the garden or park – no gym membership or special equipment required

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woman doing housework and singing into broom

How to turn housework into a proper workout

From hoovering and dusting to laundry and tidying, here’s how to make your housework a super effective way to burn calories

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woman using fitness app

Five free fitness apps to get you moving

These great get-fit apps mean you can be your own personal trainer without spending a thing

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woman on a run

How to train for a 5k run in just four weeks

Race for Life season is about to start, but what do you do when you only have a month left to train for your first race? Follow our 10 expert tips, lace up your running shoes and get training!

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a bride with bare arms

Six ways to get into shape for your wedding

Kick-start your fitness regime and look trim and toned before you say ‘I do’ with these expert tips

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People rambling in the countryside

Five ways to get fit in the great outdoors for free

With the evenings getting longer and mornings lighter, make the most of the changing season and get active outdoors

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woman doing yoga

Five ways to enjoy front room yoga for free

Thanks to apps, websites and YouTube videos, it’s easy to access your inner calm from the comfort of your living room, without spending any money

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woman doing sit ups

Full-body workouts you can do in 10 minutes

At home and short on time? These super-speedy workouts will save you a costly gym membership or exercise class. You’re welcome.

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woman using exercise ball

Eight inexpensive fitness accessories to enhance your workout

Forget costly gym memberships and create your own mini gym at home with these top buys under £15

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Top 10 benefits of video game-based workouts

Now you finally own those fitness games you’ve been coveting, here’s what they can do for you

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