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ham and eggs sandwich

Epic sandwich ideas for every diet

There’s no need to miss out on British Sandwich Week just because you’re gluten intolerant or are on a dairy-free diet. We’ve rounded up the best and most inventive sandwiches for every diet

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Kale crisps

Five quick and easy vegetable crisps for healthier snacking

Give your snacking a health boost with these easy-to-make veggie crisps. From beetroot and parsnip to kale and turnip – they’re so simple to make and you'll soon forget all about potatoes

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glasses of cola

Five key foods to cut down on for a healthier life

Everything in moderation is a good food rule – but moderation can be tough! For great health, your body will thank you for taking these items out of the trolley and temptation’s way

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cut avocados on wooden board

Six unusual ways to eat avocados

Packed with healthy fats and ever-so versatile, in-season avocados can be enjoyed in far more than just guacamole – here are six sweet and savoury ideas

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shrimp po boy

Six mouth-watering street food dishes you can make in under 30 minutes

Bring that festival feeling home with these street-food feasts from around the world – from hob to table in just half an hour

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asparagus on a pizza

Healthy dishes to put the spring back into Easter

Easter isn't just about chocolate and hot cross buns. Try these foods to taste the healthier side of spring

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smoked mackerel and radish salad

Seven days of money-saving salads

With just a little time spent on a Sunday you’ll have a week’s worth of ingredients ready to throw together for a different, deliciously healthy and affordable salad, every day of the week

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a range of healthy food

Seven healthier alternatives to your favourite takeaway

Do you find yourself reaching for the takeout menu most weekends? Save cash and opt for one of our easy homemade takeaway-style dishes, all of which are under 500 calories

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root vegetable and nut bake

10 tempting veggie recipes for an easy meat-free Easter

However you’re spending the Easter weekend, you can guarantee a good meal will be involved. If you’re cutting back on meat, or prefer a vegetarian option, these spring-forward recipes are certainly worth a try

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10 ways to reduce your salt

10 ways to reduce your salt intake

We’re all supposed to be cutting back on it, so in credit of National Salt Awareness Week, here’s how you can do it

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