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kids playing in the leaves at Bontanical Garden of Wales

Top 10 things to do this October half term

Make the most of the autumn break with these fun activities for the whole family to enjoy

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nail art

Nail art tutorial: Halloween splatter effect

Nail artist Sophie Harris Greenslade provides a step-by-step guide to creating a chic look fit for the spooky season

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Decorated Halloween pumpkins

Throw a spooktacular grown-up party for Halloween

Make sure you're in good company on the spookiest night of the year. Invite your friends round for a spine-chillingly good time – we’ve got the accessories and recipes to set the scene

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woman working out at home

Five ways to get fit at home

If shorter days and lower temperatures are stopping you from making it to the gym, we’ve got some great ideas for getting fit in the comfort of your home

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Pumpkin carving templates for Halloween

10 free pumpkin carving templates

From easy patterns to difficult designs, carve your pumpkin like a pro with our downloadable stencils

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Join the dark side

Who says Halloween make-up can’t be chic? We’ve taken our inspiration from designer Antonio Marras’ catwalk show where the models’ Goth-inspired hair and make-up reminded us of Nosferatu mixed with Cruella de Vil. Here’s how to get the look

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Drinking cups with drawn on scary faces

Halloween crafts: How to make spooky cups

Get into the spirit of Halloween with these spooky cups decorated with scary faces, perfect for any Halloween party

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Halloween crafts: How to make phantom leaf bunting

Perfect inside or out, these leafy Halloween decorations couldn’t be easier to make.

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Moon and cat pumpkin carving

Printable Halloween lampshade silhouettes

Create spooky shadows and give your guests a fright with these cut-out templates

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pony tails

Pony club

If big ‘dos’ aren’t your thing, listen up. A simple and chic ponytail is this season’s hair equivalent to summer’s just-stepped-off-the-beach waves. And even better, it won’t get blown about in the wind

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