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pumpkin can lanterns

10 Halloween decoration ideas you can make at home

Clever recycled homemade craft ideas to spook-up the house for Halloween

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Woman and man dressed up skeletons for halloween

7 easy Halloween costume ideas

There’s no need to buy an outfit, try these DIY Halloween costumes you can put together using things you already own

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Egg box bat

How to make an egg box bat from an egg carton

Decorate your home in time for Halloween by upcycling egg boxes into bloodcurdling bats.

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Shearer candle

Win one of four Shearer Candles prize bundles

Enter for your chance to win a beautiful range of home fragrances from Shearer Candles

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Cosy living room

Scandinavian style tips for a cosy living room

Bring cosiness and warmth into your living space this autumn with the homely Scandi trend – 'hygge'

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Spices in paper envelopes

10 space-saving storage ideas for spices

Just in time for National Curry Week, here are some easy ways to store spices in even the tiniest kitchen – without a spice rack in sight.

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Herbs and spices

7 alternative uses for herbs and spices

They’re good for more than just seasoning Indian and Chinese food – here’s how to get extra value out of spices, from turmeric and cinnamon to cloves and nutmeg.

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child lying on the floor surrounded by toys

10 free indoor games ideas for kids

A perfect solution to rainy days and boredom, try these original activities for quick and simple fun at home.

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Man upcycling old jumper

How to upcycle an old jumper with elbow patches

Bring an old jumper back to life on a budget with this step-by-step upcycling video.

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carrot juice and carrots

7 surprising ways to use up leftover carrots

Everyone’s favourite root vegetable is just as versatile outside the kitchen.

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