• 7 October 2013

How to make a butterfly fan

butterfly fan craft

You will need


A4 sheet of coloured card
A4 sheet of black card
Selection of coloured scrapbook papers
Selection of buttons
Butterfly template – download here
Large lollipop sticks
UHU glue 


Get crafting

1. Following the butterfly fan template cut out the basic outer shape from coloured card. From the black card, cut out the middle body of the butterfly, older children may want to cut out the black edging pattern for a more detailed look.

2. Using the coloured scrapbook papers, cut shapes and sections and glue them to the butterfly, then lay the black body & the edging over the top and glue into place.

3. You can also decorate with additional buttons and trims ensuring that the design doesn’t become too heavy.

4. Attach the large lollipop stick to the back of the butterfly and allow to dry fully.

5. Voila! Keep cool during the summer months with your very own butterfly fan.

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